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Stephanie & Preston’s Savannah Engagement

October 6, 2022

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I’ve spoken on what to wear during an engagement before, but can I just say YES to Stephanie and Preston’s look for this classy Savannah engagement!? Preston in a form-fitting dapper blue suit and Stephanie’s beautiful black gown with leopard heels. Just stunning, classy, and beautiful – and these are just some of the reasons why they are a couple of my favorite people. They are also a bundle of joy and so much fun to be around. But, that’s not all. They did something I’ve talked about so much.

They dressed for the Location!

I’ve mentioned before that it’s important to know your area when deciding on what you’re going to wear for your engagement session. Look no further than here. In the portion of our session where we were giving them a darker green backdrop, they decided to go with darker colors to match the greens and shadows within the shots inside Forsyth Park. I love this.

But, when it was time for our second location for this classy Savannah engagement session, they switched to lighter colors as they were going to be standing in front of white buildings which reflect light, whereas dark colors absorb light. This caused for stunning natural light photos that I still get gleeful thinking about.

Seriously, I’m grinning ear to ear right now as I think about how wonderful these two were for their classy Savannah engagement session.

As my lovely little daughter would say, “They are a ten outta ten, mommy!” Admittedly, she’s typically talking about any and all Disney movies when she says this, but I feel like it applies here too! Plus, if these two don’t make a Disney-esque couple, I don’t know who does.

Photographer: Ashly McCoy – Wedding Photographer

Location: Forsyth Park

Before you go, why not see our list on what to wear for your engagement!

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Hi! I'm Ashly mccoy

Welcome to my blog! Read about our latest weddings, travels, and expert tips on photography! 

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