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To You,

I have always been a fan of handwritten letters with love so it is such an honor to have you reading this now. You're currently on a search for the perfect photographer to tell your love story and I hope you have found yourself in the right place. 

By now you have probably sifted through so many beautifully captured weddings from many different photographers and you're wondering what sets them all apart aside from pricing. How do you find the perfect person to trust with the start of your very first family heirlooms? Until our meeting allow me to help put you at ease and give you assurance that your wedding is not just another wedding to me.

I'll start by saying that I am not just a photographer. I am not a vendor at your wedding. You are not just another wedding on my calendar. 

Our relationship begins at the start of an email and from that point forward my intent is to build that connection into trust, comfort, security that goes beyond photographing the wedding day. I am there for you if you have questions about locations, attire, details on the wedding day. Whatever you may need I am just an email or a coffee meeting away to help you work through any question or concern you may have. 

With nearly a decade of professional wedding experience, there are a few things that I take to heart being your wedding photographer. Allow me to share a bit further into why I am not your average photographer. 

You have spent so much time getting ideas and thinking about this day it is without a doubt yours and unique to you and your future spouse. That is exactly what I want your photos to reflect. Therefore, I do not allow a Pinterest style shot list outside of family photos. While I promise to capture all the important moments, focusing on capturing every photo on a list takes away from capturing the real moments happening before us. And I can assure you that I will deliver to the most heartfelt emotions that are genuine and true if you trust and allow me to do what I was designed to do. 

It is important to remember that this day is more than an event for your friends and family that you are putting together. This day is about you and your partner becoming one spiritually. It's because of this reason that I only work with couples who have hired an experienced planner for this event. Finding a perfect planner that you entrust to make sure every little detail is in place is a must. We work very closely with planners to give you the day you will never forget. 

With that said, make this day about the two of you! Write the love letters, give the little gifts that only the two of you will understand, sneak away for a moment to be alone. I promise you, your guests will be more than happy with the party you have prepared for them.

I look forward to building a lifelong relationship with like minded couples who value the moments that make up the life story that is uniquely theirs.

With love, 

the ashly mccoy Couple?

"There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved." -George Sand

You are moment seekers, adventurers, artists in their own right, and passionate about knowledge. Most importantly you love deeply. 

You are sentimental. You have a keepsake of the sweet moments together; small notes, blurry polaroids, movie tickets. 

You value history and enjoy traveling to different places of the world to be humbled by century old builds and art.


"We fell a little more in love that day, honestly."



You are fashion forward with an eye for style and the finer details. 

Family is always a focus. You enjoy spending the fleeting moments together

You are compassionate and show love and gratitude in all things you do.

"It was private, intimate, and overflowing with joy."

alex & jason



We love high fashion and editorial shoots! Follow us as we travel from New York to Indonesia in 2023 capturing the latest styles and trends! 

"Working with Ashly made me feel so relaxed and comfortable! I adore her calm spirit."

tiffany and kevin

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