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Natalie & William | What To Wear For Engagement Sessions

October 7, 2022

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I believe I am asked “What to wear for engagement sessions” more than I am asked for snacks by my children. Just kidding, nobody asks for anything more than they ask for snacks. That said, I am asked what to wear for engagement sessions, quite a lot. And my answer is typically, wear what you’re comfortable in and try to think of something semi-casual formal. But, I also understand that a lot of people are most comfortable in pajamas so here are some simple tips!

Plan for Temp

When thinking what to wear for your engagement session, keep in mind that it’s important to look nice. I love to shoot around two in the afternoon. When the sun is near its peak for the most light possible to create photos full of soft natural light. With this in mind, I try to have my couples plan for this. Sometimes this could lead to hot days in southern heat, which might call for some more breathable clothing. Or, if its a winter shoot, a warmer attire will often do well.

Sunday’s Best

Now, no matter the temperature, you should always want to look your best during your engagement session. Natalie and William here went with a classic look, which is always in season. A light coat, a soft white dress, khakis, heels. It’s a simple, clean, elegant fashion that works. But, don’t think that that’s what you have to wear. There are many things you can wear for your engagement session. This is a look that works for them. It may not work for you, and thats not a problem. Find that outfit that works for you that you love.

Come Prepared

Often during Engagement Sessions, I like to move my couples from locale to locale. Some locations may work better with just a button down white tee shirt and a floral print dress, while another might look nice with a classic sport coat and a sequined gown. This is why I always tell my couples where the location of the shoot will be, so they can come prepared with back-up outfits that might better fit a new location.

When In Doubt

When in doubt, just ask. I love speaking outfits with my couples when they don’t know what to wear for their engagement session. It better lets me know their personality as I will often help assemble the outfit myself, as I also want you to look your best for the best photos possible!

That’s it. Three simple steps to crafting an engagement experience that will last you a lifetime!

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Hi! I'm Ashly mccoy

Welcome to my blog! Read about our latest weddings, travels, and expert tips on photography! 

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