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Megan & Dennis’ Gorgeous Jacksonville Wedding

October 6, 2022

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What better to make a Saturday than a beautiful couple and their gorgeous Jacksonville Wedding? Truthfully, I loved shooting Megan and Dennis for their wedding. Bowing Oaks (Venue) was absolutely incredible. Amazing oaks covered the grounds, but not so many that there weren’t beautiful rays of sunshine pouring all over the wedding. Such a stunning event, only made brighter by the couple and the bridesmaids.

Megan looked like she could have been a Disney princess herself here, as her gown flowed so elegantly off her shoulders. A little hairpiece adorned her head. She made this outdoor Jacksonville wedding even more magnificent.

But, what’s a bride without her bridesmaids?

For her choice in bridesmaid’s gowns, Megan decided to go with a soft golden coral color than drank in the sun so beautifully. It was incredible to photograph these lovely ladies. All seemed like they were meant for the open air and bathed in sunlight. I’ve shot Jacksonville weddings plenty of times, but this one may have been one of the most beautiful I’ve done.

Let’s not forget the men, though!

And how could I? Dennis looked like a vision in his soft grey suit. Surrounded by his groomsmen who all wore similar suits. It wasn’t only Megan who made this Jacksonville wedding shine. Dennis and his groomsmen were absolutely wonderful to shoot, as well.

Honestly, I absolutely adore this style of wedding. While I typically find myself shooting luxury indoor events, sometimes a wedding like this comes out of nowhere to blow me away. To Megan and Dennis!

Photographer: Ashly McCoy – Wedding Photographer

Venue- Bowing Oaks, Jacksonville Fl

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Hi! I'm Ashly mccoy

Welcome to my blog! Read about our latest weddings, travels, and expert tips on photography! 

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