Kirsten & Evan | Telfair Square, Downtown Savannah, Ga

What better place for a lovely wedding that Telfair Square in Downtown Savannah, Georgia? I truly feel blessed that I’ve gotten to call this city my home for the majority of my life. If not for the food (I feel like I could write a whole other blog on my favorite Ramen here) then for its beautiful mossy strewn oaks that liven up the squares in which the city is built. The historic yet fresh aesthetic just warms my soul. On any corner, one can find themselves either at a quaint little cafe, or bistro. Or, marrying the love of your life in a square like Telfair! Surrounded by stunning victorian architecture intertwined with brilliant greens of a park setting. What more could a romantic need?

Pure Bliss

Downtown Savannah, no less Telfair Square provided such lovely light and soft greens for this wedding. As a photographer, we are naturally drawn to the light. Without it, we don’t get the shots we want, or the detail that we need. The open air squares of Savannah on a sunny day allow for such astonishing light. Its easily my favorite part of shooting outdoors in downtown Savannah.

So, enough about gushing over Telfair Square and Downtown Savannah, in general. Onto the wedding.

I loved capturing Kirsten and Evan’s wedding not only the many reasons stated above, but they were so much fun and the loveliest couple

A couple of highschool sweethearts, which is always the sweetest. A love like theirs is so rare to find so early in life, but they found it in one another, and I’m thankful for it, because their Telfair Square wedding was just a dream to capture. As well as their first look and trolley ride they took to the the reception at the Knights of Columbus.

To Kirsten and Evan!

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