When booking with any photographer, it's important to know that all your needs can be met and proper time can be allocated to your needs. Nobody likes to be rushed while being helped when trying out clothing because the store is understaffed. I feel the same way when it comes to my work. You need to be provided the best quality of service, never to be rushed for another clients needs. And, my team of experts always makes that happen.




Lead associate photographer

Prior to become business partners with his fiance, Ashly McCoy (You may have heard of her) Samuel Grosse managed a successful restaurant, served in the United States Coast Guard and wrote multiple novels. All by the time he was thirty. He has a passion for learning anything and everything. Seriously. Ask him about any topic, and he likely knows something about it and can speak on it in detail with you.
He now serves as the Manager for Ashly McCoy - Wedding Photographer and occasionally as an associate photographer.
Samuel has a penchant for musicals, fantasy novels, cooking and writing in his free time.

Known for her devotion and quality of service, Tracy Scarpati has a dedication towards progress not only within herself, but in those around her. As a Graduate of Photography she has applied her skills and knowledge towards the wedding industry and we couldn't be more thankful for it. She has a loving heart that she has lead her towards fostering dogs for the local shelter in Savannah in her free time. 
Wedding Photography comes as natural to her as the love she holds in her heart for her fosters. 
Tracy is a valued team member and friend, and I hope you get the pleasure of meeting her.

Ashly was so sweet and calm during the photos of just my husband and me, but had enough fervor to get our 20 person bridal party to pose at the right time in the right way. She even got all the boys to smile. We absolutely love her and love our pictures. Thank you Ashly for being part of our special day!!!!
- Caroline W