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Candace and Nick | A Wormsloe Engagement

September 11, 2020

Hi, I'm ashly.
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Let’s talk about Engagement sessions-
I am writing this blog to share some information about engagement sessions with me!

First, I want to say these sessions are the best! I love walking around with my couples getting to know their stories while capturing their love in the sweetest of cities.
Savannah has so many wonderful place to shoot it’s almost impossible to pick just one. That’s why I always suggest TWO! I prefer that my couples pick a formal and informal outfit to wear with two different settings. This helps us create images that are formal and romantic, as well as light and fun.

When choosing outfits I want to suggest going all out! GET FANCY. Use this shooting time to get dressed up. If you are able to schedule your hair and makeup trial for the day of engagement photos, do it. This way you’ll be able to see how it all photographs while looking flawless.
Choose clothes you are absolutely comfortable in. If you aren’t comfortable with your attire, chances are you aren’t going to feel confident during our session. This will result in not liking they way you look in your images.
The color palette is very important. I encourage light or soft colors- blushes, dusty blues, soft greens and yellows, white, off white, etc.

Have your ring cleaned before the session, this day is all about showing it off and it will need to be sparkling for its close-ups!
I prefer to schedule these session in the evenings to avoid a few things. The heat, Savannah’s famous gnats and mosquitoes, and the harsh lighting. I suggest a session about two-three hours before sunset.

Lastly, these sessions are all about the fun! I promise you can’t mess it up. We will take time to learn poses that work for you and what don’t for the wedding day. My styling approach is for me to place you in the best positions while you love each other laughing, kissing, dancing, and taking each other in!

Candace and Nick chose a beautiful color palette and two of Savannah’s popular spots for their session. We walked and chatted about all the things wedding and their story. Engagement sessions are one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photography. It gives us all the intimate time getting to know each other- this is key come the wedding day!

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Hi! I'm Ashly mccoy

Welcome to my blog! Read about our latest weddings, travels, and expert tips on photography! 

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